The Company Challenge coins are immensely popular in all branches of the military as well as police and fire departments. Adrenaline Challenge Coins, producers of the Official NHL® Challenge Coins, are former members of the military and current firefighters, so we have a deep appreciation for the challenge coin and everything it represents. We are proud to introduce this nearly 100 year old tradition to the NHL®, allowing hockey fans to show their loyalty to the game and their favorite teams anytime, anywhere. We have been making the highest quality challenge coins for military, police and fire personnel worldwide, and now for the fans of the greatest game on earth.
The Challenge You should always have your NHL® Challenge Coin with you. A challenge may be initiated anytime, anywhere, by tapping or slapping the coin on a hard surface. All members in your group must respond by producing their coin and similarly tapping or slapping it down. Anybody caught without their coin must buy a round of beverages of the group’s choosing. If everybody in your group responds with their own coin, the person who initiated the challenge must buy the round. For a more detailed history of the challenge coin and explanation of the challenge go to these independent websites:
The Coin Your Official NHL® Challenge Coin is struck from solid brass (the best material for adherence of metal finishes and color as well as providing a sturdy, weighty feel), then finished in a metal color best suited for your teams’ logo and finished with a high gloss, protective clear epoxy. NHL® Challenge Coins are 2″ in diameter and bear the official colors and logos of your favorite NHL® team. NHL® Challenge Coins are the highest quality challenge coins available, ensuring that many years and many challenges from now they will still look as good as the day you bought them.

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